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Benefit of Exercise for Kids and Jigsaw Mats

Benefit of Exercise for Kids and Jigsaw Mats

When you think about exercise you most likely think about  working out in the gym, running, or doing weights. Our normal perception of exercise is more regimented and formal. This is probably a reflection of what life has become when someone reaches adulthood. Somehow we forget they being active doesn’t need to mean joining the gym or a pilates class. Although there is nothing wrong and everything right about having standardised exercise regimes.

For kids exercise can means a lot more than the kind of exercises that adults typically take part in. For kids it is more a matter of playing and being physically active. Kids tend to have the opportunity to exercise much more often than adults. They get to exercise when they have physical education at school, during recess, at soccer practice, while riding bikes and scooters, or when playing hop scotch. They only get the chance to do this if that are cooped up somewhere playing computer games as is the trend nowadays.

Benefits of Exercise For Kids

Active kids benefit by having:

  • stronger muscles and bones
  • leaner healthier bodies
  • less risk of obesity
  • a lower chance of diabetes
  • lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
  • more positive attitudes
  • better sleep
  • more friends

It is essential that kids have a good surface to play on when they are engaging in these activities. To this end gym mats are absolutely necessary. Having gym mats whilst exercising means there is less of an impact on limbs and joints. With good gym mats kids can play longer without whilst lowering the risk of impact related injuries. While it is difficult to pinpoint the best kind of gym mats a very popular type is jigsaw mats.

Jigsaw mats have been know to be extensively used in schools and other organisations. With jigsaw mats you have an inexpensive product which is highly beneficial for kids engaging in physical activity. It doesn’t even need to be a formal activity. Kids can play and jump around on jigsaw mats during recess or play all sort of game.

Kids and Jigsaw Mats

Kids and Jigsaw Mats


Nunes Knocks Out Holmes

Nunes Knocks Out Holmes to Defend Bantamweight Belt

Amanda Nunes defeated Holly Holmes to retain her bantamweight belt at UFC 239. The fight started out in Holmes’ favour as she pressed the fight forward throwing head kicks and pretty much showing a strong stand up fight. Amanda defended well even though she was on the back foot for a while.

Although the fight was looking promising for Holly, Amanda was able to hold on and eventually turned the fight around. After some near misses she landed a round house kick flush on Holly’s head which sent her to the mat. The was no recovering from what was a powerful kick and the fight was declared in favour of Nunes.

What’s next for Nunes?

What is next for both Nunes and Holmes is anyones guess. Holmes is a former champion but has had mixed results in her fight career. She is still a skilled and talented fighter and this loss to Nunes will not effect her legacy in the UFC. As a mixed martial artist she is ranked up there with the best of them. Unfortunately the women’s division is packed with other equally talented fights making it difficult for any one fighter to dominate.

Amanda Nunes and MMA Mats

Amanda Nunes with continue on her journey as the champion. She will surely continue her training on MMA mats and jigsaw mats to maintain her skill and keep her ready for her next fight. There are still a lot of other contenders in the division who will want a crack at the title. Who her next opponent is will probably be decided in the no too distant future. What is sure is that this bantamweight division will continue to excite for some time to come.

Nunes Knocks Out Holmes

Nunes Knocks Out Holmes

Jigsaw Mat Market Watch

The Reserve Bank in their infinite wisdom cut interest rates by another quarter percent. Te initial reaction of the markets was to push the AUD lower.  The losses of Monday and Tuesday recovered and the AUD went though 0.7030 which now seems to be a point of resistance. Rallies in global stock markets drove the American indices to all-time highs, although one point of warning is that stock markets peak three to six months after the Fed’s first rate cut of an easing cycle.

In other news the Australian economic data was encouraging as the country recorded its highest ever trade surplus. Export values increased by 6% and imports by 1%. The increase in overall trade will be a boon to GDP. It is strange that even in face of record trade surpluses the economy needs a boast through lower interest rates. Either the government is doing something wrong or we need to rip out even more iron ore out of the ground.

Luckily for the price of jigsaw mats the lift in the AUD is supporting the current price structure. It was feared that any further decline in the price of the AUD would impact jigsaw mat pricing. As it is the price of jigsaw mats and EVA mats is current stable and should remain so in the distant future. This is great because EVA mats have never been more popular then they are right now. They continue to fly out the door at an unprecedented rate. With any luck this should be our biggest year ever for EVA mats and jigsaw mats.

Alexander Rakic Fight Night Stockholm Sweden

Alexander Rakic Wins Against Jimi Manuwa

Alexander Rakic beat Jimi Manuwa at the UFC Fight Night in Stockholm. Rakic from Austria landed a spectacular head kick to win by knockout at 42 seconds into the first round in Sweden. Manuwa is the best opponent that Alexander has faced so far in his fledgeling career. He certainly made an impression with what was a quick and violent end to the much anticipated fight.

Rakic will now certainly return to the gym mats to further his training in anticipation for more fights in the future. The seasoned Thai boxer now has five wins to him name in the UFC and at a relatively young age of 27, will certainly have many more fight both on the jigsaw mats and in the ring. Generally fighters of his calibre would be inclined to use jigsaw mats when chosing which gym mats to use during their training camps.

Conor McGregor arrested for sexual assault in Ireland

Conor McGregor Retires and Then Investigated For Sexual Assault

MMA fighter Conor McGregor retires a day after he has apparently been investigated for sexual assault. The alleged incident apparently took place in a hotel in Ireland that McGregor frequents. Whilst being investigated no charges have been laid and the star is yet to be convicted and no further information is known.

The investigation comes one day after Conor announced his retirement from the sport. Citing his immense wealth and other business interests Conor indicated that he has no more interested in competing in the sport. It makes sense considering the $100M that he earned from his Mayweather fight and other business interests he has going on.

In other news Direct Mats has a new shipment of MMA mats coming to Sydney. The MMA mats will be coming to our Sydney warehouse but will be available for delivery Australia-Wide. The shipment will consist of MMA mats, jigsaw mats and tatami mats:

  • Black MMA Mats
  • Grey MMA Mats
  • Black Tatami Mats
  • Grey Tatami Mats
  • Black/Grey Jigsaw Mats
  • Black/Grey Tatami Jigsaw Mats

The new delivery lift our stock level and make sure we have a continual stock available for our valued customers.

Gym mats and jigsaw mats cheap

The AUD Effect on Jigsaw Mats and MMA Mats

You may  have noticed but the Australian dollar has been very volatile against the American Dollar. In fact it has lately been volatile against all the major currencies including the Yen, the Euro and the British Pound. The reason for this is varied but it has been a consistent theme since the beginning of the year. Against the USD this can be explained by the trade war between China and the USA. Australia being highly dependent on China for trade means any time there is an issue there it effect our currency. The Euro is being influenced by economic troubles there and the British Pounded has been pounded (excuse the pun) by uncertainly about the Brexit. 

The biggest impact on Australia is when there is extreme fluctuation with the USD. Australia is a commodities bases economy with all our major exports sold in USD. So any fluctuation there has an extreme impact on us. This also includes imports like MMA mats and jigsaw mats. Obviously when the value of the AUD goes down then the cost of our exports to other markets also goes done. This usually has the effect of increasing demand for our exports. On the flip side when the dollar goes down it also has an effect on MMA mats and jigsaw mats by increasing their price. Both MMA mats an jigsaw mats are a consumer product and are not considered a commodity. If the price for them goes up in one country it is not easy to find a replacement. So in effect if it difficult to switch suppliers.

It is for this reason that the price of both MMA mats and jigsaw mats could go up in the future if the value of the Australian Dollar continues to fall against the American dollar.

jigsaw mats 40mm

Market Watch Jigsaw Mats

The AUD gained and all the usual gauges associated with global growth rose. There is growing optimism that this week’s round of talks between China and the US on trade will result in US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Trade Representative Lighthizer are set to hold talks on Thursday and Friday with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, the top economic adviser to President Xi Jinping.
The AUD has suffered in recent months falling by more then 2% since the New Year. This has mainly been due to the softening property market which is coming off a multi-year boom. With prices down more then 10% in some districts it has had the effect of dampening consumer demand. This has got some people talking about a interest rate cut instead of an increase which had previously been factored in for 2019.
The effect on consumer goods such as jigsaw mats and gym mats had so far been limited. In fact there has been an increase in demand for jigsaw mats and MMA mats and tatami mats in the New Year. The main reasons for this are:
  • New gym openings especially MMA and BJJ
  • Gyms replacing old mats and upgrading
  • Government departments increasing spending
  • People seeking new fitnesses challenges

It is then no wonder that there are currently multiple containers heading for Australia filled with jigsaw mats  and other training and martial arts mats. It is expected that this trend with continue despite the fluctuating AUD.

Gym mats and jigsaw mats cheap

The Importance of Gym Mats in Exercising

Exercising is extremely important for leading a healthy lifestyle. There are countless benefits of regular exercise including improved brain function, increased energy levels, enhanced immune system, and a lower risk of developing serious diseases like cancer. On top of that, it’s important to note that active people have an improved sense of well-being and are able to sleep better. But, when it comes to exercising, it’s important that people do it right.

Having the right equipment is essential for working out properly. Gym mats are without a doubt one of the most important pieces of exercise equipment. They are an excellent choice because they can be used for numerous exercises. Their main purpose is to make an individual’s body comfortable during the workout. Nevertheless, there are a few different types of mats available on the market today, so it’s important to do proper research before getting an exercise mat.

Gym Mats

Gym mats are great for workout because they give necessary balance during exercises. On top of that, they protect both elbows and knees. Gym owners should consider using mats because it will help keep their floors clean by keeping sweat away from it. It’s worth mentioning that mats can always be rolled up or doubled over to provide additional padding. Apart from offering health benefits, gym mats are also great because they are durable, tough, and easy to clean.

Individuals who work out at home probably won’t see gym mats as very expensive, while gym owners may need to invest a larger sym if they want to protect their floor. Nevertheless, there is no denying that mats are essential for proper execution of certain exercises. But before committing to buying gym mats, it’s recommended to get familiar with the various types that are available for sale today.

Jigsaw Mats

Jigsaw mats are without a doubt a great choice for martial arts, no matter whether someone plans on using them for a large dojo facility or just a small grapping area. These mats have the ideal thickness that will keep the participants safe at all times. They are great for martial arts because they offer incredible stability. When someone practices MMA on jigsaw mats, they will be provided with good support when upright.

On top of all this, interlocking jigsaw mats are incredibly easy to set up. Since they’re lightweight, they can easily be carried. Another advantage of getting jigsaw mats is that they are extremely durable.

MMA Mats

Although jigsaw mats are suitable for different kinds of martial arts, MMA mats are a much better option. However, it’s important to note that they’re also the more expensive option. MMA mats offer better protection against injury than jigsaw mats because they are thicker. They also offer incredible stability, durability, and firmness.

These mats are noted for their smooth finish and an anti-skid bottom, a great feature that keeps movement to a minimum. MMA mats are very comfortable because they’re made from heave-duty vinyl and compressed sponge. They are suitable for any kind of martial arts, including aikido, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, and more. These mats are perfect for both a large dojo facility and for people who simply want to improve their martial arts skills at home.

Tatami Mats

Tatami mats are ideal for high impact sports. They are intended for use both in gyms and at homes. These mats are made from heavy duty vinyl and compressed sponge, which means that they have a high comfort level. They also feature a rubber anti-skid bottom. This means that there’s no need to worry about the mat moving once it gets placed on the floor. They are 40mm thick, and are a great choice both for training and competitions.

Importance of Gym Mats

Importance of Gym Mats

Tiger Woods Wins First Title in Five Years

Tiger Woods Wins First Title in Five Years

I must admit that I am the a greatest fan of professional golf. It looks like a fun game and I would like to place it some day but most professional golfers look like escaped cast members of “The Hobbit”. It was with that in mind that I found myself fascinated in my sudden interest in golf the last few months. You see after many years in the wilderness all the sudden Tiger Woods was making waves again.

Tiger and the US PGA

Whilst not a fan of Tiger per se I was interested in the tale of the come back kid making his way to the top. Judging by the crowds at the US PGA tour on the weekend I was not the only person. Indeed it seemed that everybody was mesmerised by the return of Tiger Woods to top form.

After teasing us over the last few weeks with near misses at other events Tiger Woods has finally won his first title in five years. What will go down as the biggest comeback in sporting history Tiger lifted a remarkable victory with a two-shot win in the Tour Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Tiger was able to fend off a spirited challenge from the likes of Justin Rose and fellow American Billy Herschel to win his 60th title an pocket $US1.62 million in the process.

“All of a sudden it started hitting me that I was going to win the tournament,” Woods said. “It’s been a tough few years.”

This outstanding victory is sure to elevate Woods’ profile and standing in the sporting community. He will surely receive some huge offers from sponsors following this remarkable outcome.

Indeed Direct Mats CEO has stated that he would love to come on board as a Tiger Woods sponsor in the near future. “Tiger would be a great advocate for our jigsaw mats and foam mats.” said Direct Mats CEO. “You know it what our mats are about. Sometimes you get hit. Sometimes you hit the floor. But with the right support you can always get back up,” he said.


Tiger Woods

Judo founder

Jiu-Jitsu Training & Jiu-Jitsu Mats

Jiu-jitsu Training

Jiu-jitsu has become increasing popular in the west. For a long time Japanese jiu-jitsu has be very popular. When the vets came home from WWII they brought with them the various martial arts they encountered. Amongst then were judo, karate and jiu-jitsu. All of them has their particular appeal and with time generate there fan-base. They all required jiu-jitsu mats for training.

Jiu-jitsu although a little less mainstream became popular amongst martial arts aficionado. What appealed to them was the esoteric nature of the art and the mix between grappling and stand up fighting.

Later on when we saw the explosion of BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. This mainly came about after the Gracie’s changed all other martial arts and one. The site of a small guy in a traditional Japanese Kimono shocked the martial arts world and lead to a huge interest in the art. What started off as an unknown arts in the world expanded into BJJ schools and competitions all over the place. You can now find BJJ where ever you go and the standard is very high.

Jiu-Jitsu Mats

With the explosion of JJ and BJJ has come the increase demand for Jiu-Jitsu Mats. Jiu-Jitsu mats have become very sort after by martial artist all over the world. There are generally two kind of jiu-jitsu mats. They are:

  • EVA Jigsaw Mats
  • Tatami Mats

Eva Mats are martial arts or jiu-jitsu mats which are made from EVA material. It is a foam like material which has the benefit of being able to absorb impact or energy. So when something impacts with EVA material it simple absorbs the impact and then returns to it original shape. This is an ideal quality for activities like jiu-jitsu in which the practitioner is very likely to fall to the floor. Rather then hitting the surface and getting injured, like with concrete, The impact is absorbed somewhat thereby reducing injury.

The other kind of jiu-jitsu mats is tatami mats. These mats more resemble the traditional mats used in Japanese martial arts except that they are manufactured using compressed foam covered in heavy duty vinyl. While they can still me arrange like the more traditional grass mats they are inherently more durable and easier to clean. They are also much cheaper then the traditional variant. These jiu-jitsu mats are commonly found in professional environments.

Jiu-Jitsu Mats


Tatami Mats- The Benefits

Tatami mats originated in Japan and are a traditional form of flooring that’s made of a combination of cloth and woven rush. The flooring has a certain thickness and provides some cushioning as well.

The benefits of tatami mats that we supply include some of the properties of these traditional mats and then some more. These products are used in martial art studios, yoga studios, gyms and fitness centres. They are made of compressed foam and vinyl and have a lightly textured surface that makes them look like the traditional mats.

We at Direct Mats are a credible and long-standing company that has been operating in this space for a number of years. We can provide you all the information you need about Tatami Mats and this can help you make a more well-informed decision about the products you want. Most people prefer to buy grey or black mats and these are the standard colours available. However, if you have a requirement for other colours, we can supply those as well.

Why use Tatami mats?

  • Our Tatami mats are available in different thicknesses and you can choose based on the space they are going to be installed in and the setting they are required for.
  • If you know that the space is going to see a lot of use, you should opt for thicker mats of a higher density.
  • These floor mats don’t absorb any sweat odours and they also resist the build-up of bacteria.
  • They provide the right amount of cushioning and firmness which also makes them ideal for areas where young children come for martial arts or yoga training.

When you are looking for mats for any high-activity areas, Tatami mats are one of the best options for you. We at Direct Mats are a premier supplier of all types of Tatami mats and can provide customised solutions. For any more information, feel free to call us at this number-1300 168 829. Alternatively, you can send us queries via this Online Form as well.

Benefits of Tatami Mats

Benefit of Tatami Mats

Jigsaw Mats Make a Great Christmas Present

Facts about Jigsaw Mats

Today, jigsaw mats are being widely used in both commercial and home gyms. These mats are available in a range of sizes and colours and provide the floor the right amount of firmness and resilience. We at Direct Mats have put together this facts list to provide you some basic information about jigsaw mats and their benefits. The facts about jigsaw mats are quite simple:

  • These mats are very versatile and can be used in home gyms, martial arts centres, yoga studios, commercial gyms as well as children’s playrooms and more.
  • They are very affordable and easy to install.
  • Jigsaw mats are easy to maintain and only need to be vacuumed and mopped at regular intervals.
  • The mats don’t need any glue to hold them in place. They are like individual units of a jigsaw puzzle and need to be snapped into place. This makes for very quick installation and an average size room can be easily covered within a couple of hours.
  • These mats provide sufficient cushioning to the feet even as they provide the firmness required to perform floor exercises.
  • Once the mats have been installed expertly, they won’t move from their position unless you make an attempt to move them.


What are the mats made from?

  • Our jigsaw mats are made from very resilient and durable material and the cost of ownership is very low, which make them an economical option.
  • The mats are easily removable. So if you find that you no longer need them in a particular place, you can easily remove them without damaging the floor underneath.
  • Jigsaw mats are reusable; which means you can easily install them in another location once you remove them from one space; this means they also provide long-term value.

We at Direct Mats are a premier supplier of all types of jigsaw mats. For any more information, feel free to call us at this number-1300 168 829. Alternatively, you can send us queries via this Online Form as well.

Wood grain kids mats

Interlocking Mats for Playrooms

If you are planning your child’s playroom, the task can be quite a challenging one. The focus is on creating a safe play zone that will also be very pleasant and cheerful. With this in view, interlocking mats become an excellent option for playroom floors. Interlocking mats for playrooms is a smart choice.

Kids, especially very young ones are more prone to falling down while playing and this can cause them to bruise or injure themselves if the flooring is very hard. This is why many people get wall-to-wall carpeting installed in playrooms. But carpets are very difficult to maintain and they harbour a significant amount of dust and germs which can be harmful to your kid’s health.

Floor mats – the benefits

When you take all these aspects into consideration, interlocking mats from Direct Mats are one of the best options for you. Take a look at the benefits:

  • Our interlocking mats have a great design and once all the pieces have been properly installed, the flooring looks like a colourful jigsaw puzzle; this makes it a very pleasant place to for children to play in.
  • Once your kids grow up, you won’t really need the cushioned floor and may also want to make alternative use of the playroom space. In this event, you need flooring that is less permanent and something that can be easily removed without affecting the appearance of the floor underneath.
  • Our interlocking mats don’t need any glue to hold them to the floor. They are simply positioned on the floor and locked into place. This means you can easily dismantle the entire installation within minutes when the need arises.
  • The mats are very easy to clean and maintain and this provides a hygienic surface for your kids to play on.

We at Direct Mats are a premier supplier of all types of interlocking mats. For any more information, feel free to call us at this number-1300 168 829. Alternatively, you can send us queries via this Online Form as well.

Interlocking Mats for Playrooms

Interlocking Mats for Playrooms

Kids and Jigsaw Mats

Aspects to consider While Choosing Gym Mats

If you are setting up a gym you know that hard flooring isn’t suitable for it. You need a surface that would provide support and the right amount of cushioning so that your gym members don’t injure themselves while they are working out in that space.

Points to consider when buying

While there are a large number of gym mats to choose from, you will find there are different varieties of mats and choosing the right one mean keeping certain aspects in view. Here are some pointers from the experts at Direct Mats:

  • The space they are to be installed in is one of the first considerations to keep in view. You need to consider what the floor plan is and the segregate the spaces based on the activity that is to be carried out there.
  • You also need to keep in view the type of equipment that will be placed there and the amount of padding you need in every area.
  • The existing floor needs to be in a good condition of you want the gym mats to perform well. While it doesn’t matter what your original floor looks like, it needs to have a smooth surface so the mats have a stable base to sit on. If your gym floor has dinks or rough surfaces, those may have to be leveled out before any other work is carried out in that space.
  • If you are planning on getting gym mats installed in the weight lifting areas of your gym, you should consider getting underlay installed as well. These provide additional protection from impact.
  • It’s never a good idea to compromise on the quality of the gym mats you purchase. Always conduct a certain amount of research on the types of mats that are available. Make sure you choose products that provide a sufficient amount of cushioning and are resilient enough to endure heavy wear and tear. It’s always better to invest in good quality gym mats rather than keep replacing them every now and then.

We at Direct Mats are a premier supplier of all types of gym mats. For any more information, feel free to call us at this number-1300 168 829. Alternatively, you can send us queries via this Online Form as well.

Choosing Gym Mats

Choosing Gym Mats

EVA Mats Police Training

4 Reasons Why EVA Jigsaw Mats are Perfect for Martial Arts

Martial arts are among the most popular sports in the world. Being able to protect yourself in a dangerous situation is exactly what lures many people to martial arts. On top of that, they will teach you discipline and will make you more humble, which are qualities that everyone should strive to have. Which is what makes jigsaw mats perfect for martial arts

If your gym offers martial arts classes, then you’ll need appropriate gym mats in order to ensure the safety of the participants. Similarly, if you have a garage gym, it’s imperative that you find good mats to avoid any potential physical risks.

There are a few different types of gym mats available on the market today, but EVA jigsaw mats are most likely the best you’ll find. Here are some of the main advantages of EVA jigsaw mats.


In order to practice martial arts properly, you’ll need to have good support when upright. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of energy on trying to maintain control. EVA jigsaw mats are made with non-porous, closed-cell EVA foam, which makes them more rigid than other mats, thus providing more support.


The cost of gym mats is extremely important to most people, since both owners of independent clubs and home users usually don’t always have a big budget. Even though both MMA mats and vinyl tatami mats are made using quality materials, they can be very pricey, thus making them unattainable for people who’re on a budget.

On the other hand, EVA jigsaw mats are quite affordable. They come in a variety of thicknesses, but people usually choose between 20mm and 40mm thick mats.

Different thickness for different martial arts

The 20mm floor mats are cheaper and they’re commonly used in upright forms of martial arts like kick boxing, taekwondo, and karate. On the other hand, the 40mm mats are better for floor-based martial arts like judo and wrestling. Before you decide to buy new mats, make sure to check exactly what thickness suits you best.

The fact that you’re able to choose exactly how thick you want your gym mats to be is yet another advantage of the EVA jigsaw mats. Vinyl tatami mats are usually found only in 40mm thickness, which means that you wouldn’t exactly be suitable for upright forms of martial arts.

They’re Portable

One of the best things about EVA jigsaw mats is how light they are. This will make it easier for you to transport them from one place to another. They’re easy to lift, so you will have no problem storing them wherever you choose to. On the other hand, if you go with vinyl mats, you will have difficulty moving them from place to place, since they’re made out of heavy materials.


When buying gym mats, you want a product that is going to remain in good condition for a long time. Thankfully, EVA jigsaw mats are made from ethylene vinyl acetate, which is an elastomeric polymer that is known for its durability and resilience.

Jigsaw Mats Perfect for Martial Arts

Jigsaw Mats Perfect for Martial Arts

interlocking eva jigsaw mats

Gym Mats For Your Training

Studies have shown that if you lead a healthy and active life you will live longer and will be less susceptible to illness and therefore a early death. Whilst there are a lot of hereditary diseases out there most illnesses are due to poor lifestyle choices. Gym mats for your training is an absolute necessity.

This is why people increasingly find themselves leading more active lives including exercising more regularly. Regular exercise is recognised as the best way to keep your weight in check and good cardiovascular health.

To achieve a balanced life is not easy and not all people have time to go out or go to the gym. That is why people find themselves training more and more at home. Whether in the garage, outside or some other spare space it is always easier and faster to just do it at home.

To be able to train effectively at home it is necessary to have the right equipment. Whilst the first thought may be to equip oneself with weights, exercise bikes and training machine scant regular is often given to the right gym mats. 

Indeed gym mats should be one of the first things anyone should think about when deciding to train at home. Gym mats are probably the most important piece of equipment that you could have in your home.  Gym mats are suitable for all sorts of activities and have many benefits to offer.

Gym mats are made from foam which acts to absorb impact when training. It is the fact that gym mat are made from EVA foam that they are so great. It is also why they are also called foam mats. 

Foam mats are not only a popular for home use and fitness fanatics. They are also very popular with professional gyms. Which is why next to you go to a gym make sure you check it out and see what kind of training mats they are using.

Gym Mats For Your Training

Gym Mats For Your Training

anti-fatigue mats for the workplace and home

Jigsaw Mats a Great Option for Home Gym

Ever since the advent of “The Biggest Loser” people have been more interested in losing weight and keeping fit. Indeed it is not a phenomena confirmed to Australia, it is something that can be found in America with a show of the same name and even in places like Croatia where they call the show “Zivot na vagu” which lousy translate to “life on the scale”. No matter what they call it it is about people working out and dieting to try and lose weight and look good. They will all need a home gym.

When people watch such shows they inevitably try and ind a place to work out. Some will go to their local gym or join some sporting activity like boxing or karate. Other with choose to simply train at home. For those who choose to train at home they will set up a home gym so that they have place to train. When they do sit up a place at home to train they will need to think about getting some jigsaw mats.

Jigsaw Mats are Essential for all Home Gyms

Jigsaw Mats are essential when setting up a training area for yourself at home. EVA Jigsaw mats are necessary because they not only give you a defined area but they offer a safe place to train on a mat with anti-fatigue mat qualities. These mats are available in a number of colour options which are designer to match your training area. Your jigsaw mat can also come in different thicknesses so that they can be tailored to the intensity of your training regime.

Jigsaw mats have been used for gym training and personal training for years now. Indeed they are often referred to as gym mats  as they are primary used for professional gyms and home gyms alike. Gym mats are made from EVA which is a type of plastic which has absorbing quality similar to rubber or compressed foam. EVA has perfect anti-fatigue qualities which are ideal for a training environment.

So next time you are looking at setting up a home gym or professional gym look no further then jigsaw mats. They are the ideal training mat for any training area.

Home Gym

Home Gym

Jigsaw Mats

Avoid Training on Hard Surfaces

Training on hard surfaces can lead to long term injury, but fortunately, a solution is at hand. Direct Mats are now offering jigsaw mats and puzzle mats which can reduce the impact of hard training on the body, helping to prevent injury and ensuring maximum fitness.

 Different Types of Mats

Regular training on hard surfaces can lead to impact injuries but with foam mats, these injuries can be prevented. The main benefit of these jigsaw mats is that they allow individuals to train longer and harder than they otherwise could by reducing the impact on the body.

Our gym mats are for high-impact training such as martial arts and tatami. Indeed our mats are suitable for practically any activity. Thicker puzzle mats are appropriate for more intense, higher impact sports, such as MMA, while lower thickness mats are more suitable for sports like yoga and gymnastics.

 What are Mats Made Of?

The majority of our foam mats are made from ethyl vinyl acetate, a blend of a rubbery copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, often used in the soles of sports shoes. This material is used because of its proven ability to absorb shock and protect delicate joints and tendons from injury.

Gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses, tailored for different use scenarios. At the moment, the company supplies puzzle mats in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm widths, as well as a variety of specialised tatami and MMA mats in 40mm. With all these options they is no reason not to stop training on hard surfaces.

Largest Supplier of Gym Mats 

Direct Mats is one of Australia’s leading supplier of gym mats. It currently supplies safety mats to a range of organisations, including schools, sporting clubs, government training details and commercial gyms. Part of the appeal of the company’s products is that they are amenable to practically any environment.

Jigsaw mats, in particular, can be customised to any facility or room, offering a temporary or permanent floor covering to improve safety and boost comfort. The company says that the mats are easy to lay on any floor and are both durable and highly portable.

 What About MMA Mats?

MMA mats are manufactured using heavy duty vinyl. They have a smooth finish, helping to reduce friction burns while providing maximum impact cushioning. Currently, the MMA mats from the company are available in 40mm in either black or grey and offer a low-cost solution compared to other brands in the industry.

Currently, Direct Mats ships to organisations across Australia. Customers are also able to pick up mats direct from the company’s warehouse if they book an appointment in advance. To find out more about the products or to make an inquiry about freight costs, go to Contact Us to get in touch with the company.

Avoid Training on Hard Surfaces

Training on Hard Surfaces