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Foam Mats are a popular training mat which is used by people of all walks of life. Often referred to as EVA Mats or jigsaw mats they are an inexpensive and durable option for any training area. In fact foam mats are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications which makes then such a versatile mat.

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What are Jigsaw Mats?


Interlocking EVA foam jigsaw mats (also known as puzzle mats or foam mats) and EVA mats have become very popular over the last few years. Jigsaw mats are much more affordable compared to the traditional vinyl and tatami mats and can be used for many activities that include, gymnastics, aerobics, acrobatics,  and martial arts. In fact they are great as acrobatics mats as well.

What are the other names for jigsaw mats and EVA mats?

Jigsaw mats are also known as puzzle mats, foam mats, jiu jutsu mats, wrestling mats, judo mats, karate mats, rubber gym mats, gym mats, taekwondo mats, MMA mats, interlocking mats, martial arts mats, BBJ mats, wrestling mats, fitness mats, gym flooring, EVA floor mats, acrobatics mats and gymnastics mats just to name a few. People will often refer to them by the activity that they will be using the mats for. So if they are do acrobatics then they will refer to them as acrobatics mats. The same goes for the other activities that I have mentioned.

How do you install interlocking jigsaw mats?

Interlocking jigsaw mats are easy to lay on any floor area are lightweight, easy to carry and durable. They offer a permanent or temporary cushioned floor solution for comfort and added safety. They are also increasingly popular for home gyms and children’s play areas. As the name suggests the mats connect together just like a jigsaw.

So if you think about a jigsaw puzzle it gives you a good idea how easy it is to install the mats. Indeed, as mentioned before, this is why they are also referred to as puzzle mats. Although each mat is exactly the same so you don’t have to sit there trying to figure out which piece fits where. It’s like the easiest puzzle in the world when you are installing these EVA mats.

What are the EVA mats made from?

These mats are made from EVA foam which is a petroleum bi-products. They are very easy and cheap to manufacture and they are a safe product to use. Our mats are manufactured according to strict EU standards and are certified to ensure they don’t contain any dubious chemicals like formaldehyde.

Eva form is a fairly durable product which is why it is idea for manufacturing mats. As it is a foam product it offers protection from impact. That said it is important to take care when training on any mats as there is no substitute for commonsense and care.

What sizes are available?

Foam jigsaw mats are available in a variety of sizes. The sizes include foam jigsaw mats 20mm, 30mm foam jigsaw mats and 40mm jigsaw mats (which we have in stock). There are even 50mm mats foam jigsaw mats but they are rare. It is important to access which mat thickness is best for your activity.

The general rule is that the higher the impact of your sport or activity the thicker the mats should be. In some case you might even consider different kinds of mats. So for example if you are practicing judo throws you might want to use crash mats.

Our foam jigsaw mats are of great quality and are easy to assemble. They are 1 metre squared in size and 20mm, 30mm or 40mm thick. Please note thickness of mats may vary. Please click below for more information. Other jigsaw mat and sizes are available on special order.

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Thick  interlocking Foam mats that are:
  • Easy to install
  • Simple interlocking puzzle system
  • Made from EVA foam
  • Duarable and easy to clean
  • Offer great protection and Comfort
  • Suitable for all forms of martial arts and gyms

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EVA Mats and Foam Mats
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