Gym Mats Factory Direct

We Got Your Gym Mats Covered In these difficult times it is sometimes even difficult to find a place to train. Things get easier though if you have good gym mats. If you want to get your mats at a great price then you need to get your gym mats factory direct. At Direct Mats […]


Natural Cork Yoga Mats Great For Environment

Chose Natural Cork Yoga Mats When you are looking for a great yoga mat to train on one consideration might be its impact on the environment. At Direct Mats we already have a range of yoga mats which are eco-friendly as they are chosen for their minimal impact on the environment. Now we are going […]


Kickstart Your Training with Jigsaw Mats

If you have found yourself sitting at home trying to wait out these incessant lock downs there is no need to. All you need to do it to kickstart your training with jigsaw mats. If you have some space at home then you can create your own gym. There is nothing better to do it […]


Karate Mats For Olympic Champions

Well the Olympics have finally come to an end and the extravaganza is finish. There was a lot of sweat and blood and many tears were shed. It is the same for every sport but for none more that karate. It was included in this Olympics as a homage to the host but unfortunately will […]


Karate In The Olympics

It has been so great to be able to watch the Olympics this year taking place in Japan. Sure it is one year late but it is a miracle that it took place at all. So many people had predicted that it wouldn’t take place at all. What is even more exiting is all the […]


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