Tiger Woods Wins First Title in Five Years

I must admit that I am the a greatest fan of professional golf. It looks like a fun game and I would like to place it some day but most professional golfers look like escaped cast members of “The Hobbit”. It was with that in mind that I found myself fascinated in my sudden interest […]


Jiu-Jitsu Training & Jiu-Jitsu Mats

Jiu-jitsu Jiu-jitsu has become increasing popular in the west. For a long time Japanese jiu-jitsu has be very popular. When the vets came home from WWII they brought with them the various martial arts they encountered. Amongst then were judo, karate and jiu-jitsu. All of them has their particular appeal and with time generate there […]


Tatami Mats- The Benefits

Tatami mats originated in Japan and are a traditional form of flooring that’s made of a combination of cloth and woven rush. The flooring has a certain thickness and provides some cushioning as well. The Tatami mats that we supply have some of the properties of these traditional mats and then some more. These products […]


Facts about Jigsaw Mats

Today, jigsaw mats are being widely used in both commercial and home gyms. These mats are available in a range of sizes and colours and provide the floor the right amount of firmness and resilience. We at Direct Mats have put together this facts list to provide you some basic information about jigsaw mats and […]


Interlocking Mats for Playrooms

If you are planning your child’s playroom, the task can be quite a challenging one. The focus is on creating a safe play zone that will also be very pleasant and cheerful. With this in view, interlocking mats become an excellent option for playroom floors. Kids, especially very young ones are more prone to falling […]


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