Benefits of Training on Tatami Mats

Discover the Benefits of Training on Tatami Mats Tatami mats are a type of traditional Japanese flooring that has been used for centuries in homes, temples, and martial arts schools. Today, tatami mats are also a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want a comfortable and supportive surface for their training. Direct Mats […]


Improve Your Fitness with Puzzle Mats and Jigsaw Mats

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, it’s important to have the right equipment to support your training routine. One piece of equipment that can make a big difference in your workouts is puzzle mats and jigsaw mats. These mats are versatile, durable, and provide a safe and supportive surface for a variety […]


How to Choose the Right Gym Mat for Your Home Gym

The Right Gym Mat for Your Home Gym Creating a home gym is a great way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it’s important to have the right equipment to make the most of your workouts. One essential item for any home gym is a gym mat, which provides a safe, […]


Great Training Mats For All Sport

Great Training Mats for All Occasions There are few sports that command the loyalty of their practitioners like Olympic sport. For a lot of them practitioners don’t get much more than the glory of coming first. Not all sports offer million dollar pay days after all. For most athletes it is  a way of life […]


Gym Mats Factory Direct

We Got Your Gym Mats Covered In these difficult times it is sometimes even difficult to find a place to train. Things get easier though if you have good gym mats. If you want to get your mats at a great price then you need to get your gym mats factory direct. At Direct Mats […]


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