Gym Mats In A Pandemic

Having to endure these incessant lock downs is no easy thing. It seems that every week another state is going through it and there is not much we can do about it. Gyms are closed again and our ability to go out and exercise has been severely limited. That’s why finding gym mats in a […]


The Best Martial Arts Mats For Your Gym

When it comes to buy mats for your gym sometimes all the options can make the decision confusing. Try to decide what the best martial arts mats for your gym is can be a real nail biter. Not to despair! We have some answer which might make your decisions that little bit easier. Different Kinds […]


Types Of Foam Mats For Home Gym

Different Type of Foam Mats Whilst there are different type of foam mats out there all our foam mats are the same. The different is only in what they are called. This mainly depends on how an individual refers to them or has identified them. Generally they are known as foam mats because they are […]


EVA Jigsaw Mats Still In High Demand

The pandemic was a strange time indeed. One of the things that we experienced was an explosion in demand for EVA Jigsaw Mats. In seems as if every person was scrambling to secure some mats because they could no longer train at home. There were literally orders coming in at a million miles a minute. […]


What Next For Stipe Miocic - Will He Fight In The UFC Again?

The question on every UFC fans lips is “What next for Stipe Miocic – will he fight in the UFC again? It is a hard question to answer after his weekend loss to Francis Ngannou. Whilst I didn’t think it was to most convincing wins he did knock him out so it was pretty much […]


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