7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Jigsaw Mats
Jigsaw mat maintenance

7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Jigsaw Mats

You may have just bought your jigsaw mats or even one single jigsaw mat and are wonder how best to maintain that mat. It is a fair thought especially considering the investment you have made. Just like any other important investment in your life you want to make sure that you get the most out of it. As they say a penny saved is a penny earned. So if you save money by looking after your brand new jigsaw mats that more power to you.

7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Jigsaw Mats

When thinking about what you can do to protect your newly purchased mats there are seven simple secrets that you should consider to help them last longer. I will explain them below.

  1. No shoes. Now strictly speaking of course you can wear shoes on your jigsaw mats. Indeed there are many activities where pretty much everyone wears shoes and that is just fine. If you go to boxing class they wear shoes. They also use jigsaw mats. That said if you can go without shoes then do so. Training barefoot or with socks will impact less on the mats and thereby ensure longevity.
  2. Keep it dry. Now obviously you can’t help but sweat on your mats. The whole point of having them is to train and when you train you are going to sweat. The point is white them down after training. EVA mats might be closed cell and therefore non-absorbent. Nonetheless keeping them dry with extend the jigsaw mat’s life and keep it looking good.
  3. Indoor only please.  Thats right keep your mats indoors. You don’t want to expose them to the elements. They are made for indoor use so only use them indoors. If you need safety flooring for outdoors there are other mats available for that purpose.
  4. Out of the sun. Even if they are indoors you should keep your training mats out of direct sun light. Nothing causes deterioration then prolonged exposure to the sun. Not your skin and definitely not EVA jigsaw mats.
  5. PH neutral baby!  You are going to want to clean your mats. Obviously they will get dirty over time and you will want to wipe them down in general. If you must use a detergent make sure it is PH neutral. EVA mats down react too well to either alkaline or acidity.
  6. Damp cloth is better. On that note if you do wipe down your mats then use a damp cloth and don’t saturate them. Jigsaw mats are interlocking so if you use a lot of water there is no stopping it getting between the mats. There is a chance that this happening will damage the floors beneath so don’t do it. 
  7. Enjoy! That’s right. Enjoy your jigsaw mats. Use them as much as you can and get the most out of them. They are there for your benefit anyway so make them count.

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