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EVA Jigsaw Mats

EVA Jigsaw Mats Still In High Demand

The pandemic was a strange time indeed. One of the things that we experienced was an explosion in demand for EVA Jigsaw Mats. In seems as if every person was scrambling to secure some mats because they could no longer train at home. There were literally orders coming in at a million miles a minute. It was a good time to be in the mats business.

EVA Jigsaw Mats Still In High Demand

Although demand is not as high as it was during the height of the pandemic it is still elevated. I would say that people’s behaviour has change and they are more inclined to want to also train at home. Sure the gyms are open again and people are attending but there would be those that are reluctant to return.

There is also the issue of pent up demand of people wanting to open up a gym. There would have been many who would have put off there dream of running a MMA or BBJ gym and are getting around to it now. A lot of our customers in the process of opening gyms which is why out tatami mats and MMA mats are selling well. Also there are people who prefer to use them in their home gyms as well.

Direct Mats Great To Deal With

Luckily Direct Mats has a lot of stock to satisfy demand. Our state of the art warehouse in Melbourne is well equipped to handle and dispatch EVA jigsaw mats and our other gym mats across the country. Our smaller Sydney warehouse is a tremendous help also. 

What next for Stipe Miocic

What Next For Stipe Miocic – Will He Fight In The UFC Again?

The question on every UFC fans lips is “What next for Stipe Miocic – will he fight in the UFC again? It is a hard question to answer after his weekend loss to Francis Ngannou. Whilst I didn’t think it was to most convincing wins he did knock him out so it was pretty much a done deal.

After such a defeat it can be difficult to keep going on. Miocic has said previously that after every other fight he has thought about leaving. Will he go back to the puzzle mats and train or will he call in a day. When you have spent your life on puzzle mats it is not an easy thing. Also he is nearly 39 years old and has a second child on the way.

It would be a pity if he didn’t at least have another fight with Ngannou. He lost he second fight against Cornier but then won the third. Maybe he can do the same here. Learn from his loss and come back victorious. 

What ever Miocic decides, where to get back on the puzzle mats or call it a day he will still be considered the GOAT heavy weight in the UFC. Sticking with ordinary training mats is not bad either. Everyone knows he is the champ and he will stay that way no matter what.


What next for Stipe Miocic

Gym Mats For Your Training

The Best Fitness Mats For 2021

In the last decade, fitness mats have become an essential part of fitness practice. A lot of people prefer to use workout mats because they are really useful. They are important for any floor workout such as yoga, abdominal work, crunches, stretching or any other general exercises. Moreover, they provide comfort and safety to a user. The best fitness mats will really help.

There are different types of fitness mats for different types of exercise. But which one should you choose? Depending on what exercises you want to do, here are the best fitness mats we can recommend for you this 2021;

Pilates Mats

Pilates is a low impact exercise that improves flexibility and postural alignment. In this workout, there is larger volume of exercises needed. Additionally, you have to perform a significant amount of spinal rolling that puts pressure on your back. This is why using pilates mats is crucial in order to give you proper support.

Generally, the first thing you want to consider when buying a pilates mat is the thickness. The thicker the mat, the better. This will protect your spine, knees and wrists from the hard ground.

The other points to consider are the material, weight, size and texture. Stretchy material is a good choice to ensure good alignment. For weight, you always want to choose the lightweight one if you need to carry your mat with you. For the size, avoid mats that are too short for you. And last but not the least, choose texture you like the feel of.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats seem to be a staple of yoga. They’re pretty important in the scheme of safety, comfort and support.

Yoga isn’t an easy exercise. It requires a great amount of strength and balance. If you’re practicing on a hard floor, it could be difficult to concentrate. Just one wrong move, you could have an accident. Fortunately, yoga mats offer a safe and comfortable surface so you can correctly perform what you’re doing.

There are a few important things you need to look out before buying a yoga mat. Thickness is definitely one of the most important factors as it makes the difference to your performance.

Another one is material. PVC/Vinyl is mostly preferred by many practitioners as it’s durable and supportive. The last factor is the size, there is a one size fits all that most people use. On the other hand, you can choose wider or longer mats too. It’s all down to you.

Gymnastics Mats

Gymnastics is a physical activity that consists of complex acrobatic movements. During practice, gymnasts will have to jump, swing, roll and turn upside down and often make mistakes whilst trying to improve their skills. That is why gymnastics mats are very important for this physical activity.

Gymnastics mats contain pieces of foam that is relatively firm and soft to ensure safety during training. To buy the right gym mats for you, consider the thickness, dimensions and durability.

In general, thicker mats offer higher shock-absorption. When you think about mat dimensions, consider how much ground you cover. Gymnastics mats can be a bit pricey. Thus, choose a mat that is durable and built to last a long time.

Choose the right fitness mats for your needs. But before beginning any exercise or using fitness mats, be sure to consult your doctor or a fitness specialist. When in doubt though you can always use jigsaw mats!

Best Fitness Mats

Best Fitness Mats


Pilates Mats

Buy Pilates Mats From Direct Mats

If you are looking to buy pilates mats then look no further than Direct Mats. Direct Mats is a direct to consumers retails which mean there is no middle man. What that means for our customers is more savings and the best prices. Whatever you exercise mats needs you can’t look further than us.

Our extensive pilates mats range includes a number of different materials to meet your needs. Millions of people enjoy training pilates all around the world. Whilst they might all have the same interest they don’t all use the same mats.

That is why we have a few different options available to suit everyones requirements. Some people like their mats a but softer. Others like them thinner or thicker or whatever. Rest assured we have something for everyone.

So next time you are looking to buy pilates mats give us a try. You can browse our website at your leisure until you find what you are looking for. We also have a range of other training mats which are great for all sorts of training. We have everything from wall mats to floor mats. Our quality mats are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

Direct Mats is associated with Ezy Mats which is the leading supplier of gym mats in the Australia market. When you buy from Direct Mats you are buying from the name you can trust.

Buy Pilates Mats

Buy Pilates Mats

Jigsaw Mats Christmas Gift

Jigsaw Mats Make a Great Christmas Present

Yes it is that time of the year yet again. Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to plan your Christmas presents. Maybe you are also thinking about what you want to ask Santa for Christmas for yourself. If that is the case then I must say that jigsaw mats for Christmas is a great idea. Everybody loves them and everybody needs them. So why not order yours today.

I know what you are saying. Why jigsaw mats for Christmas? Well firstly they are a relatively inexpensive gift. People usually only need a small area for training so they really don’t need that many mats to get started. Some gifts can go in the hundreds of dollars. With jigsaw mats you only really need a couple of hundred at the most. If jigsaw mats are not your preferred mat you can alway go for a yoga mats

Why Jigsaw Mats for Christmas?

During Christmas there is a lot of sitting around idle just eating and not doing much. Sure you might have a game of backyard cricket of two but mainly nothing much gets done. So all that turkey and stuffing goes to the butt and the gut which is not a good thing. To get rid of all that extra baggage you need to work out and you can’t work out without some good mats.

When should I order and do you have stock?

The best time to order is right now. Although there might be a few weeks left until Christmas there is no time like the present. Also the closer you get to Christmas the busier the couriers get so best to get it some sooner. We do have stock of most our mats. Stock is consistently being replenished to we are expecting new stock of jigsaw mats all the time. That said if you don’t need to get them before Christmas then you can pre-order now for delivery after the holidays.

Southern Cross Mats are a premium supplier of gym mats. We have warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne and offer Australia Wide delivery.


Jigsaw Mats For Christmas

Jigsaw Mats For Christmas


Rubber Jigsaw Gym Tiles

Our Rubber Jigsaw Gym Tiles are a seamless flooring solution. That means no more frustrating gaps between mats. The tiles have a thickness of 8mm and have been tested to meet Australian standards in reference to sports surfaces. This means the tiles are suitable for CrossFit boxes, weight training rooms, powerlifting facilities and cardio rooms.

These Rubber Jigsaw Gym Tiles are easy to install. They have a durable surface allowing you to use it for indoor and outdoor use. These mats have an anti-fatigue property giving them the potential to cater for workplace environments where people are on their feet for extended periods of time. These rubber gym tiles have been developed to be odour free, shrink free and easy to clean with a damp sponge. Tested and passed for their reaction to fire, the tiles meet the building code of Australian requirements for sports surfaces, meaning you won’t have a problem to get a DA or government contract.



Jigsaw mat maintenance

7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Jigsaw Mats

You may have just bought your jigsaw mats or even one single jigsaw mat and are wonder how best to maintain that mat. It is a fair thought especially considering the investment you have made. Just like any other important investment in your life you want to make sure that you get the most out of it. As they say a penny saved is a penny earned. So if you save money by looking after your brand new jigsaw mats that more power to you.

7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Jigsaw Mats

When thinking about what you can do to protect your newly purchased mats there are seven simple secrets that you should consider to help them last longer. I will explain them below.

  1. No shoes. Now strictly speaking of course you can wear shoes on your jigsaw mats. Indeed there are many activities where pretty much everyone wears shoes and that is just fine. If you go to boxing class they wear shoes. They also use jigsaw mats. That said if you can go without shoes then do so. Training barefoot or with socks will impact less on the mats and thereby ensure longevity.
  2. Keep it dry. Now obviously you can’t help but sweat on your mats. The whole point of having them is to train and when you train you are going to sweat. The point is white them down after training. EVA mats might be closed cell and therefore non-absorbent. Nonetheless keeping them dry with extend the jigsaw mat’s life and keep it looking good.
  3. Indoor only please.  Thats right keep your mats indoors. You don’t want to expose them to the elements. They are made for indoor use so only use them indoors. If you need safety flooring for outdoors there are other mats available for that purpose.
  4. Out of the sun. Even if they are indoors you should keep your training mats out of direct sun light. Nothing causes deterioration then prolonged exposure to the sun. Not your skin and definitely not EVA jigsaw mats.
  5. PH neutral baby!  You are going to want to clean your mats. Obviously they will get dirty over time and you will want to wipe them down in general. If you must use a detergent make sure it is PH neutral. EVA mats down react too well to either alkaline or acidity.
  6. Damp cloth is better. On that note if you do wipe down your mats then use a damp cloth and don’t saturate them. Jigsaw mats are interlocking so if you use a lot of water there is no stopping it getting between the mats. There is a chance that this happening will damage the floors beneath so don’t do it. 
  7. Enjoy! That’s right. Enjoy your jigsaw mats. Use them as much as you can and get the most out of them. They are there for your benefit anyway so make them count.

Jigsaw Mats

Cleaning Your Jigsaw Mats

How To Get More Out of Your Foam Mats

Buying training mats is a big investment. It costs a lot of money and requires a lot of effort to lay them in the first place. That said you might want to do all it takes to protect your investment. So how do you get more out of your foam mats.

One of the most important things you can do is make sure you buy your mats from a reputable supplier such as Direct Mats. Often that will make all the difference. After that you want to make sure that what you do with your mats and where you lat them is idea,


  1. Indoor Only

First and foremost it is important to remember that your foam mats are for indoor use only. EVA foam mats are no designed for outdoor use. In fact they should never be left in direct sun light and definitely not in the rain. The elements will cause your mats to expand and contract and eventually to disintegrate.

2. Acclimatise to your Training Area

Remember your foam mats can breath so you want to make sure they acclimatise to the area you will be putting them in before installation. Just leave them these for a few days so that they get used to the moisture content. This will not stop your mats from expanding and contracting totally but it will help minimise it in the future.

3. Sweep or Gentle Vacuum the Foam Mats

If you’ve got the interlocking foam mats – or puzzle mats, in most cases a broom or vacuum without the spinning brushes is a great solution to get rid of any dry debris. You don’t need to use too much pressure as a gentle vacuum is usually enough. Your mats will scuff over time. That is just natural. Remember your mats are for training. They are not a decoration piece.

4. Damp Mop the Floor Mats

For wet spills or sweat, basic household floor cleaner will do the trick. Make sure any cleaner you use to clean your foam mats is PH neutral. For cleaning of EVA foam exercise or jigsaw mats, use a damp mop to apply the cleaner and do light to moderate scrubbing.

Do not pour water onto your mats or soak them. If you do then water may seep in between that mats and cause damage to the floor below or the foam mats themselves. The main thing is use commonsense and don’t be silly. “Use you head”!

5. Scrub your Mats with Non-abrasive Rag or Cloth

For persistent soil or stains use a PH neutral cleaning solution and a non-abrasive rag or cloth. If you feel that you are going to need a bit more scrubbing then simply pull up the mats and clean it outside. Again you want to avoid getting water between the mats. Once you are finished let the mat dry our and put it back where to got it from. It is as simple as that.

So the moral of your story is when maintaining your foam mats use your head. Stop and think about what you are doing before you do it. Your foam mats can last you for years if you look after them properly.


Your Foam Mats

Jigsaw Gym Mats

Jigsaw Gym Mats For Summer Training

After a long a traumatic year it it hard to believe that we are coming close to summer again. This year has truly been one to forget. With all that has been going it is so great that we will finally have some warmer weather to enjoy. We will finally be able to go out a little and maybe even visit the beach. Although the government is talking about restriction that will be in place when we do visit the beach you will still want to look good. So the time to shed come of that isolation fat is now. What better way to do it than to get yourself some jigsaw gym mats.

Sometimes when you want to get back into training it is easy to be a bit too eager. That eagerness can lead to injury if you are not careful. Just the other day I went for a run and right away I got cramps in my legs. Unfortunately in my eagerness to go for a run I didn’t do any stretching. What a mistake that was. The smart thing to do would have been to pull out my jigsaw gym mats and to do some stretching. Usually what I do is a bit of skipping to begin with and then stretch it out. Then I can get stuck into all the other exercise I like to do.

The truth is that using jigsaw gym mats is a good idea. It is alway good to use some kind of training mats when you are doing exercise. When I was younger I could get away with it but now that I am getting old I find that I need to take care of what I do. I need to be more mindful of protecting myself from injury. There is no use starting a pre-summer training regime only to get injured and have to stop training. It is the worst thing that can happen to you. Believe you me I know.

Jigsaw Gym Mats


Wood grain kids mats

New Shipment of EVA Mats in Melbourne in September

Direct Mats are pleased to announce a new shipment of mats to our Melbourne warehouse for September. The new shipment with replenish our existing range of training mats such as our:

  • Jigsaw Mats
  • Gym Mats
  • Gymnastics mats
  • EVA Mats

Also included in our new shipment will be woodgrain EVA mats.  Our woodgrain EVA mats are designed to be complement your homes decor by blending in. As the description would suggest the mats come with a woodgrain finish on its vinyl surface. The centre of the mats is EVA and has a rubber non-slip bottom. The non-slip bottom is great for reducing slippage when used on a smooth surface such as timber flooring.

At Direct Mats we are looking at increase gradually increase our range of EVA mats and protective flooring over the coming year. Even though we currently have the largest range of protective flooring solutions in the country we would like to continue to add to our extensive range.

We have training flooring specialist available to give you the advise you require for your flooring needs. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us and we will do the best to help you find a solution.

Direct Mats is a premium supplier of training mats in Australia.

Novak Djokovic Out of US Open Might Need Tatami Jigsaw Mats

Novak Djokovic Out of US Open Might Need Tatami Jigsaw Mats

The Serbian super star tennis player is out of the US open due to a default in his fourth round clash with Pablo Carreño Busta. Novak Djokovic was booted out of the 2020 US Open after he smacked the tennis ball into a lines person’s throat. The poor lady cried out and fell to the ground clutching her throat after the shot with Djokovic running over to check on her. It was all too little too late after the umpired ruled it unsportsmanlike behaviour and gave him his marching orders.

It was a huge pity for Novak Djokovic as he had a real chance of winning the open and closing the gap of most grand slams won with Federa (20) and Nedal (18). Back luck I guess but I am sure he will have another chance in the future. Novak Djokovic has won $140 Million in prize money to date so the fine of $250 thousand should have too much of an impact. He stood to win millions had he won the tournament. At least some other lucky person will have a shoot at it now.

So what next for Djokovic?

Well he is likely to get back on the jigsaw tatami mats to continue his training. Whilst the bulk of his training takes place on the tennis court it can only be assumed that at least part of his fitness regime takes place on jigsaw tatami mats. Indeed the ATP considers such anti-fatigue mats to be an integral part of training equipment needed to minimise injury to its players. Being an elite athlete it would be of no surprise if Novak Djokovic used tatami jigsaw mats in his training.

Whilst some people consider such mats only to be jigsaw martial arts mats, the truth is that they can be used for more than just martial arts. Indeed you will find jigsaw tatami mats being used by a large section of the training community as a means to reduce fatigue. This is especially true when elite athletes are involved because they train for such a large portion of their lives.

Novak Djokovic Out of US Open

New Shipment of Puzzle Mats and Jigsaw Mats

We are happy to announce a new shipment of puzzle mats and jigsaw mats to our brand new Melbourne warehouse. For those of you that haven’t yet heard Direct Mats recently move to a new warehouse in Braeside which is bigger and better than anything we have had to date. With our shinny new warehouse we will be able to stock a larger range of jigsaw mats and puzzle mats. Although we were already the largest stockist of training mats in Australia, we will now be even bigger. 

Having a larger range and move stock of training mats will mean lower waiting times for our customers. A lot of our customers are professional organisations that are setting up training areas. It is not great when they have to wait for their puzzle mats or jigsaw mats. Setting up a business can be stressful so finding out at the last moment that there are no mats available in the market can come to s surprise. To lessen the stress involved we hope that having more mats available will mitigate this problem.

What’s Coming with the shipment?

Our new shipment of mats will consist mainly of jigsaw mats and puzzles mats. With follow up shipments we will also be bringing in more tatami mats and yoga mats.  We even have some professional MMA mats coming from Germany. Whilst jigsaw mats and puzzle mats are our most popular items we like to have a broad range of products to satisfy our customers. As the say “the more the better”. 

Our aim is to make Direct Mats the go to place for mats in the Australian market. Training mats are an important component to any training regime so we want to improve access to training mat for all Australian. Especially during this virus crisis when people are training more at home.

Shipment of Puzzle Mats

Puzzle Mats Are Great EVA Mats During Covid

The are truly challenging times. What started as a great year quickly turned to dust when first we experience the bush fires that ravaged so much of the country and the the Wuhan virus, or covid-19 as it is also know, came to our shores. Since then life has not been the same. Many of the shops are still closed. Restaurants are closed. As too are gyms and other businesses. Sure some have opened but many more are closed than open. It has made life a lot more difficult. Puzzle mats are great EVA mats during covid.

Hopefully, though, things will change. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. They keep talking about new vaccines and treatments which will allow life to get back to normal to some extent. People yearn for a better life which is why it is always important to be positive. What has also been great is that people haven’t had to completely have to disconnect from their previous lives. They have been able to find ways to survive in a pandemic era. Like training at home.

Popular Mats During Covid

Since the start of the pandemic we saw an upsurge in demand for puzzle mats. Puzzle mats have been a way for people to continue training even though gyms and other physical activities have had to shut down. By buy puzzle mats, or EVA mats, the masses have been able to train at home and keep fit in the process. Whilst it is always great to be able to share your activities with other, learning to adapt at home is a natural alternative.

It hasn’t just been puzzle mats and EVA mats that have been popular. People have also been buying heaps of gymnastics mats. Gymnastics mats, especially the 3-fold mat, are another great way to do your training. Not to mention that yoga mats have been going through the roof. I guess people have been been taking up activities that they can do alone at home or in front of the TV. Who know? One thing I know for sure is that there has been an increased popularity for EVA mats, puzzle mats, gymnastics mats and yoga mats.

Image showing: Puzzle mats are great EVA mats during covid.

EVA Mats During Covid

Use Hand Sanitiser To Make Your Training Safe

In a couple of months we have gone from living normal lives to total lock down. It has been an absolute disaster. This corona virus which originated in Wuhan China is having a massive impact in Australia and the world. Measures which have been designed to combat the virus have caused thousands of businesses to shut down. This has included restaurants, gyms and other training centres like martial arts schools for BJJ, tae kwon do and kung fu etc. The lock down has been designed to limit social contact and therefore halt the spread of the virus.

Fortunately for everyone the government is looking at easing the restrictions to allow life to slowly return to normal. To open though, businesses will have to take measure to ensure the safety of their staff and clientele. Amongst those measure will be the availability of hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is a great product and is designed to kill germs and viruses on contact. It is that reason that it is believed to be effective against the corona (wuhan) virus or covid-19 as it is also know.

Direct Mats now have hand sanitiser available for its customers. We  have 5L and 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser available for purchase. We supply hand sanitiser to a variety of businesses including bottle shops, hair dressers, construction companies etc. We martial arts schools eventually come back it will needed as hand sanitiser is especially good if you plan on doing contact sports (with government approval) such as judo and BJJ. 

As well as the hand sanitiser we also have a great supply of gym mats and training mats. If you are looking to setup a home gym or replace your existing old gym mats we have the mats you need. We have container loads of mats arriving all the time to satisfy the needs of our valued customers.

Interlocking Jigsaw Mats

Acrobatics Mats Versus Fitness Mats

Acrobatics is the performance of extraordinary human feats of strength, balance, and agility. It can be found in many of the kinds of performing arts, sporting events, and martial arts. Acrobatics can include all sorts of stunts such as tumbling, rolling around on the ground like a clown, jumping up and down like a cuckoo head and all sorts of things. Acrobatics is very similar to gymnastics except that it is not a competition sport and is more for entertainment. As such there is not so much an emphasis on perfection as there is on impressing the audience with your antics. Acrobatics mats versus fitness mats.

Fitness on the other hand is just a bunch of exercises that you do to keep fit. Being fit is the capacity to do vigorous activity without clonking out. So if someone has a good fitness level than it means that they are able to do lots of physical stuff for longer periods of time than someone who is unfit. To get fit one needs to do lots of exercises which is why they also call gyms fitness centres. That is they are places that you go to to do fitness related activities designed to get you fit. So you do these exercise to improve your cardio abilities.

Regardless of whether you do fitness or acrobatics chances are you will need some mats. The mats are designer to help you training longer in your chosen activity. So if you do fitness training you will probably want to get your hands on fitness mats. If you do acrobatics then you would probably want to get your hands on some acrobatics mats. Whilst they might both be mats what kind of mats they are depend on what you plan on doing. Both acrobatics mats and fitness mats come in a variety of options. This is good because I reckon you might need a few different options to satisfy your needs.

With acrobatics mats I reckon you might was something thicker although it is entirely up to you. If you are going to do acrobatics training then presumably you now what you are in for. We have EVA mats which are a good choice if you are going to to tumbling and stuff. If you are going to do somersaults then you might want to consider crash mats. The impact of doing a somersault on EVA mats and falling badly might cause you some horrific injuries if it doesn’t go well. On the other hand falling on thick crash mats might lessen the impact which is something you would want.

With fitness mats I would say that an EVA mats would be sufficient. So long as you are not using some kind of equipment such as the Ninja Warriors then you should be fine. Those Ninja Warriors are crazy guys that climb all sorts of things which are crazy. Fitness guys just need a nice mats such as an EVA mat which will take away some of the impact and allow them to training longer. Sometimes they even use rubber mats which you would have seen in gyms all over Australia and the world we live in.


Acrobatics Mats Versus Fitness Mats

Acrobatics Mats Versus Fitness Mats

Foam Mats for Gym

Market Watch Training Mats and EVA Mats

The Aussie Dollar declined for the 3rd week in a row, although the range was limited to 57 points.. The RBA meeting revealed in their minutes  that they had considered a rate cut on Melbourne Cup day, but then decided against it. That why we are having a market watch training mats.

This in turn increases the chance that they will cut rates next week, although it is not yet know. Hopefully they won’t cut rates as it will have a negative impact on the Australian dollar and therefor the price of training mats such as EVA jigsaw  mats and gym mats. Every time the dollar falls it again puts pressure on training mats pricing.

The problem is that it is not only the Australian economy that is having trouble. The OECD predicted that the world economy would grow at just 2.9% this year, which is its weakest growth rate for over a decade. The richest countries also forecast little improvement in growth over the next two years. It blamed, among other things, political uncertainty and the Sino-American trade war, and called for clearer climate-change policies.

What they should really be blaming is their own structural problems which they have failed to address due to political gridlock. In this environment the price of training mats will surely continue to suffer. Luckily people have a high tolerance too pricing as they just like to train.

The kind of training mats that will be effected if the Australian dollar were to fall would be:

  • EVA Mats
  • Gym Mats
  • Jigsaw Mats
  • Yoga Mats
  • Tatami Mats
  • Wall Mats

So pretty much all kinds of mats. The best way to mitigate this would be to buy your mats now. Otherwise you can buy them as you need them with the knowledge that you have some pretty good suppliers in this country like:

  • Ezy Mats
  • Southern Cross Mats
  • Direct Mats

With suppliers like the above servicing the national market you can’t go wrong.

Market Watch Training Mats

Market Watch Training Mats

Mixed Martial Arts Mats

Made in China And Made In Germany MMA Mats

Not long ago I created a page stating that our mats are not Zebra Mats. The reason I did that was because Zebra Mats have almost become a generic term due to their popularity. They have been around for a long time. These day people are just as likely to say they need to get some Zebra Mats or German MMA Mats for their gym and they would just use the generic term of MMA Mats.

So it is understandable that a person could confuse the two. It is much the same as people used to refer to vacuuming as hoovering in the past, or gyprocking instead of dry-walling.  So in that context would could understand where I am coming from on the issue.

German MMA Mats

Whilst MMA mats can be said to be all the same the reality is not quite that simple. Yes it is true that a MMA mat is an MMA mats but there might be some differences. Like our National Sales Manager say, “They are like a Mercedes and a Holden. They will both get you there”. That is a very true statement. They are both great for training MMA. The specs are the same. The material is very similar. The main difference is that Zebra Mats, as far as I know, are made in Germany. Our MMA mats on the other hand are made in China just like all our mats.

Chinese MMA Mats

There was a time in the past when things made in China were considered inferior. That is quickly changing. These days even Mercedes cars are made in China to the same specs as they are in Germany. The level and quality of equipment available to factories in China now is almost on par with factories in the West. All of this means that the products themselves are catching up.

On the flip side you have wage differences. It used to be that wages in China were much lower than other countries which made their manufactured goods also much lower. This too is changing. A wages in China increase so too has the price of manufactured goods.

So as the above  shows it is that there has been a convergence between what is made in places like Germany and China. With martial arts mats there is no exception. They are catching up in quality, if that haven’t caught up already. You still have a chance to benefit from the lower prices that are still available. Booyah!

German MMA Mats

German MMA Mats

Foam Mats

Fluctuating Market For EVA Mats and Foam Mats

Markets fluctuate for everything. Prices go up and down for all sorts of goods depending on supply and demand. It is simple mathematics. If you have more of any particular good then you can sell then that will inevitably drive down the price of that good as you try and sell it. If demand is higher than supply than you would be comfortable putting up the price of that products as you know that chances are that you will be able to get more money for it than before. Also you will be keen to sell it for more because you know that when you go to replenish your suppliers there is a chance that it will cost you more to replace them.

These are the economic fundamentals that every company and indeed individual needs to live by. Obviously companies need to make money and individuals need to survive. So they nee to keep track of what things cost such as EVA Mats and Foam Mats. Just like any other product the price of EVA mats and foam mats is determined by supply and demand. If the factories are producing more of these training mats than the market requires then the price will fall. If they produce less then the opposite will happen. The chances are that the factories will only produce mats when they are sold so this will rarely be why the price has moved.

The other factor effecting the price of manufactured goods such as EVA mats and foam mat is the price of commodities. If the price of the inputs materials goes up then this will effect the price of the finished product. So for example the price of oil might effect the price of EVA mats because EVA is a petroleum by-product and therefore is tied to its price. Other things that might effect it are currency fluctuations. As most manufactured goods made in Asia are calculated in USD, should its price change compared to the Aussie dollar then that also could have an effect.

So as you see when looking at the price of EVA mats and foam mats it is clear that they are influenced by many factors. The moral of the story is that if you see them fall in price and you need some then buy them then and there.

Market For EVA Mats and Foam Mats

Market For EVA Mats and Foam Mats