Types Of Foam Mats For Home Gym
Types Of Foam Mats

Types Of Foam Mats For Home Gym

Different Type of Foam Mats

Whilst there are different type of foam mats out there all our foam mats are the same. The different is only in what they are called. This mainly depends on how an individual refers to them or has identified them. Generally they are known as foam mats because they are made from EVA foam. They are also know by other names which are based on how they look which are types of foam mats.

Foam Jigsaw Mats

One of the other names for these mats is Jigsaw Mats. There is a very obvious reason for that being that they fit together like a jigsaw. Although you can also get rolls of foam which you can use as mats, jigsaw mats are much better. They come in uniform sizes and patterns which means they can be easily locked together. Thus the convenience of having them. You can even get a jigsaw mat trolley to store and transport them.

What About Foam Puzzle Mats

Well just as with the above they are just another name for these kinds of mats. Again they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle which is why they are called puzzle mats. Indeed puzzle mats is the most common name for these mats and is what they a mostly referred as. It is easy to see considering the word association involved.

Other Ways Foam is Used in Mats

Other mats also have foam in them. Both tatami mats and MMA mats have compressed foam inside them. So too do 3- fold mats. The only difference is that these mats also have a vinyl outer surface which is why they are more expensive. That said it is the foam inside them which absorbs the impact from activities.

So there you have it. A very solid explanation about the types of foam mats that exist. To find out more about foam mats just check out our website. There is a lot to see.

Types Of Foam Mats


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