Our MMA Mats Are Not Zebra Mats
Tatami Grey Smooth Mat

Our MMA Mats Are Not Zebra Mats

We often get asked what other mats on the market our MMA mats would be comparable to. Some people assume that our MMA mats are Zebra Mat. Probably because Zebra Mats are synonymous with martial arts mats seeing they have been in the business so long and have a reputable reputation in the industry. The answer, of course, is that our mats are not Zebra Mats. While they look similar in photos in reality that are not Zebra Mats. Zebra Mats is a trademark or Zebra Inc. Furthermore their mats are not manufactured in China to the best of our knowledge.

Our mats on the other hand are a low cost option which is manufactured in China. Our MMA mats are a compressed foam wrapped in heavy duty vinyl and a rubber bottom. Our MMA mats are great for training both Mixed Martial Arts as well as other activities that require a good quality mats. If you are looking for a less expensive mat for your training area or dojo then our mats might be a good option for you.  

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