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Avoid Training on Hard Surfaces

Training on hard surfaces can lead to long term injury, but fortunately, a solution is at hand. Direct Mats are now offering jigsaw mats and puzzle mats which can reduce the impact of hard training on the body, helping to prevent injury and ensuring maximum fitness.

 Different Types of Mats

Regular training on hard surfaces can lead to impact injuries but with foam mats, these injuries can be prevented. The main benefit of these jigsaw mats is that they allow individuals to train longer and harder than they otherwise could by reducing the impact on the body.

Our gym mats are for high-impact training such as martial arts and tatami. Indeed our mats are suitable for practically any activity. Thicker puzzle mats are appropriate for more intense, higher impact sports, such as MMA, while lower thickness mats are more suitable for sports like yoga and gymnastics.

 What are Mats Made Of?

The majority of our foam mats are made from ethyl vinyl acetate, a blend of a rubbery copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, often used in the soles of sports shoes. This material is used because of its proven ability to absorb shock and protect delicate joints and tendons from injury.

Gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses, tailored for different use scenarios. At the moment, the company supplies puzzle mats in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm widths, as well as a variety of specialised tatami and MMA mats in 40mm. With all these options they is no reason not to stop training on hard surfaces.

Largest Supplier of Gym Mats 

Direct Mats is one of Australia’s leading supplier of gym mats. It currently supplies safety mats to a range of organisations, including schools, sporting clubs, government training details and commercial gyms. Part of the appeal of the company’s products is that they are amenable to practically any environment.

Jigsaw mats, in particular, can be customised to any facility or room, offering a temporary or permanent floor covering to improve safety and boost comfort. The company says that the mats are easy to lay on any floor and are both durable and highly portable.

 What About MMA Mats?

MMA mats are manufactured using heavy duty vinyl. They have a smooth finish, helping to reduce friction burns while providing maximum impact cushioning. Currently, the MMA mats from the company are available in 40mm in either black or grey and offer a low-cost solution compared to other brands in the industry.

Currently, Direct Mats ships to organisations across Australia. Customers are also able to pick up mats direct from the company’s warehouse if they book an appointment in advance. To find out more about the products or to make an inquiry about freight costs, go to Contact Us to get in touch with the company.

Avoid Training on Hard Surfaces

Training on Hard Surfaces