Anti-fatigue Mats Help Prevent Injury
anti-fatigue mats for the workplace and home

Anti-fatigue Mats Help Prevent Injury

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to help a person who is working in a standing position for prolonged periods of time. Most anti-fatigue mats are a combination of an ergonomic pattern and a cushioning underlay. The cushioning causes constant balance checks by the person standing on the mats and small movements that stimulate blood flow through the legs.

The use of Anti-fatigue mats is meant to encourage better circulation and lower fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats are one of many methods to try to prevent injuries caused by working in a standing position. These kind of anti-fatigue mats  are recommended by Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations. There are a range of materials as anti-fatigue mats includes EVA, compressed foam and rubber. 

Anti Fatigue Mats like supplied by Direct Mats are designed for environments where prolonged standing is required. Our anti-fatigue mats are also used by sporting organisation to help prevent injury during vigorous training regimes. Our mats range includes

rubber mats

  • EVA Mats
  • Foam Mats
  • Martial Arts Mats
  • Tatami Mats
  • MMA Mats
  • Yoga Mats
  • Jigsaw Mats


As well as our extensive range of mats we can also source a large range of mats for our customers. Special order mats usually have a minimum order requirement which is necessary to abide my manufacturing limits and shipping costs.

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