Facts about Jigsaw Mats

Today, jigsaw mats are being widely used in both commercial and home gyms. These mats are available in a range of sizes and colours and provide the floor the right amount of firmness and resilience. We at Direct Mats have put together this facts list to provide you some basic information about jigsaw mats and […]


Interlocking Mats for Playrooms

If you are planning your child’s playroom, the task can be quite a challenging one. The focus is on creating a safe play zone that will also be very pleasant and cheerful. With this in view, interlocking mats become an excellent option for playroom floors. Interlocking mats for playrooms is a smart choice. Kids, especially […]


Aspects to consider While Choosing Gym Mats

If you are setting up a gym you know that hard flooring isn’t suitable for it. You need a surface that would provide support and the right amount of cushioning so that your gym members don’t injure themselves while they are working out in that space. Points to consider when buying While there are a […]


4 Reasons Why EVA Jigsaw Mats are Perfect for Martial Arts

Martial arts are among the most popular sports in the world. Being able to protect yourself in a dangerous situation is exactly what lures many people to martial arts. On top of that, they will teach you discipline and will make you more humble, which are qualities that everyone should strive to have. Which is […]


Gym Mats For Your Training

Studies have shown that if you lead a healthy and active life you will live longer and will be less susceptible to illness and therefore a early death. Whilst there are a lot of hereditary diseases out there most illnesses are due to poor lifestyle choices. Gym mats for your training is an absolute necessity. […]


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