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Training Mats Can Save Your Life

I don’t know if you remember the old ad that they had running back in the eighties called, “Life be in it”. There was that fat guy Norm sitting in his chair and he was being encouraged to go and do some exercise. They were encouraging him to get out and play with the kids, go for a walk, do some exercise etc. He didn’t even need to have training mats.

The purpose of the ad was to encourage people to get active so that they could improve their health. It was a great ad and I am sure that there are plenty of people out there who remember the ad. I for one do and it still plays on my mind to get out and do some training.

How have things changed?

I reckon these days they should be doing more of those ads. Maybe they could change them a bit and tell people to get some training mats and do so exercise. Sure I would have a vested interest in people buying training mats and getting out and doing some training. I mean people would buy more mats such as;

I mean wouldn’t it be great if they did actual get themselves some training mats such as these, got off their backside and did some training. It really wouldn’t matter what they were training for. They could be training for the City to Surf, they could be training for the Olympics, they could be training for anything they could think of.

The main thing is that they would be training for something and in the process they would be improving their health. Not much can be gained from sitting on ones bottom and just watching television all day long. You might be able to make a nice indent in your arm chain, but that is pretty much it.

Using training mats, whether they are jigsaw mats or any other mats is just the start. After that the sky is the limit. They best thing about choosing to use training mats is that you know you will train for longer. So by being smart and planning you training you can extend your training life. This means reducing injuries and generally having a better training life and have a life full stop.

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