Tatami mats for judo and martial arts

Traditional Tatami Versus Modern Tatami Mats

Imagine mats being so comfortable that a whole nation uses them as flooring material in their rooms. Of course, I’m talking about the Japanese and their tatami mats. 

What are Tatami mats and What Makes Them so Special?

Tatami is a special type of mats which is a traditional flooring material in Japanese rooms. The core is traditionally made by using rice straw. However, the modern versions of tatami contain compressed woodchip boards or polystyrene foam. The Japanese use it as flooring material but they are also used for training traditional Japanese martial arts. Here are some of the advantages of tatami exercise mats.

Advantages of Traditional Tatami mats


Traditional Japanese tatami mats are great for the environment because they contain a large portion of rush straw. It is proven that these mats are air purifiers since they absorb nitrogen dioxide. You wouldn’t believe the influence these mats have on your surroundings. Also, these exercise mats are considered to be great insulators. As strange as it may seem, these mats are designed to keep your room cool during summer months retain warmth when it’s cold. 

Suitable for Both Training and Competitions

Modern tatami exercise mats are designed to be fitting in all surroundings and purposes. They have the quality needed for being used in competitions and the durability needed for commercial or domestic use. Whether in you gym or your home you will love them. The modern version is different to the tradition one as they are made from different material. To the untrained eye they look very similar and serve the same purpose.


Tatami exercise mats are as comfortable as mats get. They are supportive to the body and absorb pressure wonderfully. Natural, traditional tatami finish on our mats reduces the impact on your knees, back and joints while exercising. 


Designed for All Martial Arts

The modern version of these mats is often used in MMA organisations and for personal martial arts training. These mats are perfect for all martial arts, from Judo and Jiu-jitsu to Aikido, Kung-fu, and Karate. Anyone who has ever practiced martial arts will recommend our tatami mats. Our mats are also designed for high-impact sports and fitness training.

Our martial arts mats are made out of heavy-duty vinyl and a compressed sponge on the inside. The bottom is made out of rubber and has an anti-skid bottom so your mat wouldn’t go all over the place while you’re exercising. They have a slick tatami finish, are 40 mm thick and have a density of 230kg/cbm. 

Light, easy to install and clean

Tatami gym mats are light-weighted and easy to carry. It is as simple as beans to install the mat anywhere in the room or in the gym. 

Tatami mats are the perfect choice for your exercise, whether you’re working out in a gym or in the comfort of your home. You won’t make a mistake buying one of these. After all, the Japanese industry never fails. 

Photo of modern tatami below.



Direct Mats are a premium supplier of gym mats in the Australian market. We stock quality mats ranging from wall mats to floor mats. If you are looking at setting up a new gym or are simply replacing existing mats then give us a call. Our friendly customer service staff are knowledgable and always happy to help.


jigsaw mats for martial arts

Jigsaw Mats For Your Martial Arts School

There are heaps and heaps of different martial arts out there. There are of course the traditional ones like karate, kung fu and judo. Then there are the more contemporary martial arts like Krav Maga and BJJ which have become more popular in the past few years. Whatever your martial art style one thing is for certain. Your need jigsaw mats in your training area.

Jigsaw mats are such a integral part of martial arts training that they are often referred to as martial art mats. People think of them as martial arts mats because they have often seen them in martial arts schools. They will also frequently be referred to as gymnastics mats because they can be found in gymnastic school and organisations that practice acrobatic activities

Whatever you call them jigsaw mats are a necessity for any martial arts school. Martial arts training is often vigorous and requires some protection from impact with the floor. Although jigsaw mats can not prevent you from any and all injuries they may be helpful in reducing the impact. Indeed martial arts mats are a necessity for every martial arts school. If you take your martial arts seriously and want your student to be protected then you need to consider jigsaw mats.

Benefit of Exercise for Kids and Jigsaw Mats

Start Your Training With Good Mats

The time of year to start getting ready for summer is here. Start some extra training to loose weight so you can look good and feel better about yourself. Before planning your training your should look at buys some training mats. A few gym mats  will help you prolong your training whilst limiting the damage hard training can have on your body.

Gym mats are aways a great way to help combat the fatigue that comes with hours spent training and exercising. Gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses to be tailored to the intensity of the activity you are doing. You should always choose the right mats for the kind of activity you are doing. Different mats thicknesses are appropriate for different activities.

Foam mats are and make from EVA foam which has excellent qualities which help assist with limiting injury and fatigue. Foam mats are used by people all over the world for all sorts of activities. Foam mats will help you really ensure that your time spent training won’t lead to unnecessary injuries or body fatigue allowing you to train for longer and much harder.

Gym mats made from EVA foam are great training mats

Protect Yourself With Gym Mats

Gym Mats

Training on hard surfaces can lead to long term injury. Constantly jumping up and down and rolling around on the ground can cause injury due to the stress on your bones and muscles. Fortunately for all the gym junkies out there we have a solution. Direct Mats now offers jigsaw mats and puzzle mats which if used correctly and in conjunction with a well thought out training regiment can reduce the impact of hard training on the body, helping to prevent injury and ensuring maximum fitness.


As mentioned above regular training on hard surfaces can lead to impact injuries, bruises and broken bones. While there is no substitute for common sense and taking care during training, with foam mats these injuries can be prevented. The main benefit of these jigsaw mats, the company says, is that they allow individuals to train longer and harder than they otherwise could by reducing the impact on the body.

We supply gym mats for high-impact training such as martial arts and cross-fit training, but in practice, these mats are suitable for practically any activity. Thicker puzzle mats are appropriate for more intense, higher impact sports, such as MMA, while lower thickness mats are more suitable for sports like yoga and gymnastics.


The majority of our foam mats are made from EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), a blend of a rubbery copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, often used in the soles of sports shoes. This material has a  proven ability to absorb shock and protect delicate joints and tendons from injury. Gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses, tailored for different use scenarios. At the moment, the company supplies puzzle mats in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm widths, as well as a variety of specialised tatami and MMA mats in 40mm.


Direct Mats is one of Australia’s leading supplier of gym mats. It currently supplies safety mats to a range of organisations, including schools, sporting clubs, government training details and commercial gyms. Part of the appeal of our products is that they are amenable to practically any environment. Jigsaw mats, in particular, can be customised to any facility or room, offering a temporary or permanent floor covering to improve safety and boost comfort. The mats are easy to lay on any floor and are both durable and highly portable.


MMA mats are manufactured using heavy duty vinyl. They have a smooth finish, helping to reduce friction burns while providing maximum impact cushioning. Currently, the MMA mats from the company are available in 40mm in either black or grey and offer a low-cost solution compared to other leading brands in the industry.


For other martial arts, the company offers tatami mats. These are appropriate for a range of hand-to-hand fighting sports, including judo, jiu-jitsu, aikido, karate, kung fu and BJJ. These foam mats come in a variety of finishes, depending on the customer’s needs.


To find out more about the products or to make an inquiry about freight costs, go to https://directmats.com.au to get in touch with the company

Tatami Grey Smooth Mat

Our MMA Mats Are Not Zebra Mats

Direct Mats has a large range of training mats to choose from. These include EVA jigsaw mats, tatami mats and of course our MMA mats. Although the MMA mats are suitable for any activity where a heavy duty mat with a smooth surface is required, we generally call them MMA mats as they are very popular in mixed martial arts gyms. This is because MMA is mainly conducted in a no-gi environment so smooth mats are necessary to prevent what is commonly known as mat burn. You mats also know MMA mats as Zebra Mats.

We often get asked what other mats on the market our MMA mats would be comparable to. Some people assume that our MMA mats are Zebra Mat. Probably because Zebra Mats are synonymous with martial arts mats seeing they have been in the business so long and have a reputable reputation in the industry. The answer, of course, is that our mats are not Zebra Mats. While they look similar in photos in reality that are not. Zebra Mats is a trademark or Zebra Inc. Furthermore their mats are not manufactured in China to the best of our knowledge.

Low Cost But Great Quality

Our mats on the other hand are a low cost option which is manufactured in China. Our mats are a compressed foam wrapped in heavy duty vinyl and a rubber bottom. The mats are great for training both mixed martial arts as well as other activities that require a good quality mats. If you are looking for a less expensive mat for your training area or dojo then our mats might be a good option for you.

The mats are available in either black or grey. We can offer other colours on special order but longer lead-times, minimum order quantities and additional cost may apply. The mats are also 2m x 1m x 40mm. The size makes it easier to fit out a large area. 

Direct Mats is a supplier of martial arts mats and other types of mats.


Zebra Mats

anti-fatigue mats for the workplace and home

Anti-fatigue Mats Help Prevent Injury

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to help a person who is working in a standing position for prolonged periods of time. Most anti-fatigue mats are a combination of an ergonomic pattern and a cushioning underlay. The cushioning causes constant balance checks by the person standing on the mats and small movements that stimulate blood flow through the legs.

The use of Anti-fatigue mats is meant to encourage better circulation and lower fatigue. These are one of many methods to try to prevent injuries caused by working in a standing position. These kind of mats  are recommended by Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations. There are a range of materials as anti-fatigue mats includes EVA, compressed foam and rubber. 

Anti Fatigue Mats like supplied by Direct Mats are designed for environments where prolonged standing is required. Our mats are also used by sporting organisation to help prevent injury during vigorous training regimes.


Our mats range includes.


  • EVA Mats
  • Foam Mats
  • Martial Arts Mats
  • Tatami Mats
  • MMA Mats
  • Yoga Mats
  • Jigsaw Mats
  • Rubber Mats


As well as our extensive range of mats we can also source a large range of mats for our customers. Special order mats usually have a minimum order requirement which is necessary to abide my manufacturing limits and shipping costs.

Direct Mats is a premium supplier of gym mats. We stock everything from floor mats to wall mats and beyond. Our warehouses are conveniently located in Melbourne and Sydney. We offer Australia Wide delivery.

Anti-fatigue Mats


Jigsaw Gym Mats

New Shipment of Jigsaw Mats

We have just received a new shipment of jigsaw mats to our Sydney warehouse the new shipment was a 40′ container and arrived from its original destination in Shandong Province PRC. The shipment consisted of the following:

  • 40mm jigsaw mats – 500units.
  • 30mm jigsaw mats – 200units
  • 20mm jigsaw mats 300units.

The mats coming are of a variety of colours which included:

  • Black / Grey jigsaw mats
  • Blue / Red jigsaw mats
  • Black / Red jigsaw mats

Our gym mats are made from compressed EVA foam which is then cut to the designated length. The measurements are 1m x 1m which is an ideal size for gym mats.

We constantly have shipments arriving to satisfy demand for our customers. Our customer range across a large section of the community and sporting organisations.

Direct Mats is Australia’s leading supplier of gym mats for commercial and domestic applications. If you want great mats then contact us anytime.

Direct Mats is an associated entitle of Ezy Mats Pty Ltd. Ezy Mats has warehouse in Sydney and Melbourne which service the Australian market.

New Shipment of Jigsaw Mats

New Shipment of Jigsaw Mats

US Dollar sales of gym mats

Weak Inflation Data Effect AUD

The Australian dollar tumbled after weak inflation data from the Bureau of Statistics. The rate of inflation came in at 0.2% which was below  the expected rate of 0.4%. The RBA would have been watching the core rate which was 0.5%. The core rate of inflation was according to the markets expectations. The AUD tumble by a quarter of a percent after the announcement. It then stabilised after the initial fall.

A fall in the AUD can usually be expected to lead to a increase in the cost of imported items. This is also true when it comes to foam mats. As foam mats are purchased using USD any fluctuation in the currency has an effect on foam mats. The effect may not be immediate but over time if there is a continual drop in the value of the dollar then it can be expected to have an effect on the price of foam mats.

Our interlocking mats remain the most competitively priced in the market. We have a large range of interlocking mats available at any particular time. We also have new mats coming in all the time. We just received a shipment of gym mats last week and will be receiving another shipment next week. It is always best to order your mats while the AUD is higher.

interlocking jigsaw mats for your gym or training.

Direct Mats Receives New Shipment of Training Mats

Direct Mats has  just received a brand new shipment of interlocking jigsaw mats in our Sydney warehouse. The 40′ container was full of training mats  and had the following contents:

  • 40mm black /grey jigsaw mats
  • 40mm black/red jigsaw mats
  • 40mm blue/red jigsaw mats
  • 30mm red/black jigsaw mats
  • 30mm red/blue jigsaw mats
  • 20mm red/blue jigsaw mats

Whilst we receive a new shipment of training mats every 2-3 weeks it is good to book in advance as they don’t last long. Heaps of customers has back orders which mean most of the mats leave before they have arrived. We are more then happy to hold mats for customers who has prepaid for incoming stock.

So if you need some interlocking jigsaw mats for your school or training area or have any questions regarding our mats please give us a call or send us an email. At Direct Mats we are always happy to help. 

Shipping Cost

Premium Mats for Your Training

Direct Mats is a leading provider of incredible gym mats throughout Australia. We’ve got a selection of multi-purpose foam mats that are perfect for any gym floor. They’re available in different sizes and colours, depending on personal preference.

Our gym mats come in three different varieties:

Each type of mats has unique properties that make the mats perfect for certain activities and ideal for any floor space in your gym.

Jigsaw Mats

Our jigsaw mats are made from EVA foam which gives them amazing durability and impact resistance. They come in three different thickness varieties; 40mm, 30mm, and 20mm. The thicker the mat, the more resistant it is and the higher impact it can handle.

Traditionally, these mats are designed for many high impact sports such as martial arts and wrestling. Due to the thickness of the mats and their resistance to heavy loads, they’re also fantastic for use on the floor of a weights section in your gym.

They’re durable enough to handle weights being dropped over and over again. Our jigsaw mats can provide your gym floor with a cushioned surface to help protect the natural floor beneath as well as protecting your weights.

These mats are easy to put down and interlock like a jigsaw – hence the name. We offer various colour options as well as the thickness varieties mentioned earlier. They’re very popular amongst our customers who want to protect themselves from injury along with protecting their gym equipment.

MMA Mats

We sell high-quality MMA mats with a smooth vinyl finish. These mats are made with compressed foam to help give them some extra bounce and be effective at absorbing shocks. They’re primarily used for mixed martial arts practice and other activities that involve grappling.

Our MMA mats come in black/grey, and they’re 1m wide, 2m long, and 40mm thickness. This makes them perfect for a cardio area of your gym. Lay them down on the floor, and your customers can use them for ab work and stretching routines. Due to their thickness and the compressed foam, they’re also perfect for jumping activities such as burpees or jump lunges.

These mats provide perfect support and cushioning for your customers, ensuring they don’t suffer injuries as a result of high impact work on their joints.

You can order these in bulk, and we offer discounts on the cost per mat when you buy more in one go. If you’re interested in these mats but don’t want them in grey or black, contact us, and we may be able to sort you out with a custom colour.

Tatami Mats

Our premium Tatami mats are also made with compressed foam, but they have a special Tatami finish. This finish isn’t smooth like vinyl, it includes multiple mini bumps and grooves to provide extra traction. Again, this makes them perfect for mixed martial arts training as well as grappling and wrestling work.

We sell these mats 1m wide, 2m long, and 40mm thick. They’re the perfect size for individual use, making them ideal for a free section in your gym. The extra grip provided by the Tatami finish makes them the perfect stretching match. It also keeps traction on the mat even when they’re wet with sweat. So, your customers can finish up on the treadmill and stretch on the mat without worrying about slipping and pulling any muscles.

While the extra grip might be their standout feature, these mats can also absorb high impacts. They can easily handle a couple of kettlebells or medicine balls falling on them without being damaged.

Much like the MMA mats, these mats are available in black/grey, but custom colours are available by special order.

Buying Quality Mats For Your Gym

It’s crucial that you buy quality mats for your gym or training area. When you have clients that like to practice MMA or wrestling moves, they need a safe surface to train on. All three of these mats provide suitable protection and cushioning for high impact activities. This keeps your clients safe and ensures there are no injuries in your gym.

Similarly, our premium mats help you protect your property. If you don’t have a high-quality mat in your weights section, you run the risk of damaging the floor and your weights. This can lead to costly repairs, which you simply don’t need to pay for. Instead, buy our mats, and they will safely handle any weights dropping without causing damage to anything.

For more information on any of our premium gym mats, feel free to contact Direct Mats today!



Boxing NAMA Akrotiri

Benefits Of Wrestling Mats From Us

Wrestling Mats

As a supplier of a large range of wrestling mats, Direct Mats has you covered when looking for new training or competition mats for your gym or studio. Here at Direct Mats it doesn’t matter whether you need a single wrestling mat or multiple mats, we can supply you with what you need. Our interlocking wrestling mats are available in three different thicknesses which allow you to purchase the mats you need for your training.

As the different thicknesses are used for different activities, it is important to understand your needs and requirements before purchasing.

Wrestling is a centuries old sport, utilising grappling techniques such as throws and takedowns; it is therefore essential to have a safe area for training and competition purposes. To ensure support and minimize injuries and muscle fatigue, wrestling mats should be at least 40mm thick. They are often made of EVA foam like our jigsaw mats or compressed foam encased in a durable vinyl outer, like our tatami mats.


What is a Wrestling Mat?

A wrestling mat is a single mat or a set of mats used in wrestling training and competitions. Our wrestling mats are made from EVA foam, an expandable foam that helps to absorb impacts from falling and jumping as well as minimising muscle fatigue. Here at Direct Mats our wrestling mats utilise a jigsaw system where each mat piece can interlock with another.


Interlocking Wrestling Mats

Have you been looking for wrestling mats but just can’t seem to find one that fits the space you have? Our interlocking wrestling mats are perfect for small and large spaces. You simply purchase the mats, and then you can join as many or as little as you need to fit your space. The interlocking jigsaw system offers more stability and they are easy to assemble, disassemble and store.


Wrestling Mats Thicknesses / Sizes

The wrestling mats available from Direct Mats come in three different sizes: 20mm, 30mm and 40mm. They are 1m x 1m in size, and perfect for any space. We recommend the 40mm mats for wrestling activities as they provided the best support for activities that require falling or rolling on the floor, or grappling activities. We can also supply 50mm wrestling mats on special order.

Our 20mm and 30mm mats are a great choice for warm ups and cool downs or for practicing movements where there is little chance of falling or need for rolling.


Wrestling Mat Uses

As well as wrestling, our interlocking mats have many uses, and are often employed across the martial arts field including in judo, karate, kick boxing, kung fu, akido and more. They are also used in gymnastics, yoga and Pilates. We also have a range of tatami wrestling mats available which offer added durability.

Here at Direct Mats, we endeavor to be the most economical supplier of interlocking wrestling mats and tatami wrestling mats across Australia. Should you come across the same mats at a cheaper price, we promise to do our best to beat any reasonable quote.


Benefits of Wrestling Mats

Our EVA foam jigsaw interlocking wrestling mats have a range of benefits including:

* Easy installation

* Easy to store

* Simple interlocking puzzle system

* Made from quality EVA foam

* Durable and easy to clean

* Offers great protection and comfort

* Suitable for all forms of wrestling


Contact Direct Mats for Your Wrestling Mats Needs

We’d love to hear from you. Contact Direct Mats before making your purchase from another supplier; you certainly won’t be disappointed in our quality range.

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